LCD Screen EEPROM Programmer Tool for iPhone 7 / 7P / 8 / 8P / X


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Product Description:

New W13 Apple 7G/7P/8G/8P/X Screen Photosensitive Repairer

This instrument can test whether the LCD screen is original LCD, and the LCD will automatically read the LCD code.
It can repair the replacement screen, no sensitization problem, support the original screen and no original screen two operating modes, no original data to solve the abnormal fault caused by the vibration version does match.
Read and write backup LCD code, touch code, environmental sensitivity code, the vibration code, etc., equipped with the PC software platform, making operation easier and faster; platform free permanent upgrade, support unlimited expansion.
Support offline and online operation, 2.4-inch TFT screen, easy and fast operation between Chinese and English, switching method: press and hold the left button and then turn on the phone to select the language.

Support Apple 7G, ZzP, 8G. eP, x mobile phones, provide a software platform unlimited upgrade.

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