TBK 958F Mini Automatic Laser Screen Machine


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TBK-958F laser machine

Product model: TBK-958F 

Product size: 24*42.5*46cm

Brand: TBK

Screen size: 20*15cm

Working voltage: 110~220V

Package: 500W 

Net weight: 17kg

Laser power: 20W

Gross weight: 27kg

Marking accuracy<=10000mm/s

Marking depth: 0.015~0.5mm

Cooling mode: Built in cold air

Marking format: 175mm x 175mm

Laser wavelength: 1064nm

Marking line depth: 0.05mm~0.01mm 

Feature: suitable for mobile phone, decoration, handcraft and other industries.

  1. Selected high-speed galvanometer(Support several times etching, more than ordinary the galvanmeter is increased by 2~5 times)
  2. Support auto focus( Press the focus button auto focus, no manual focusing, high precision)
  3. Independently developed marking system( Convenient, fast and efficient, equipment with wireless mouse and keyboard)
  4. Built-in smoking instrument( Built-in high power smoking instrument, smoking is strong)
  5. Electric motor lifting table( It can be adjusted by electric motor table height, with high accuracy)
  6. Professional positioning workbench( Convenient, fast and accurate positioning, flexible and adjustable, larger operating space, the maximum height of the marked object is 65mm)
  7. Focal length positioning needle(High accurate, intelligent sensing)
  8. Radiator( Speed up the machine, fast heat dissipation)

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