QianLi iPower Max One Key Boot


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iPower Max power and boot cable for iPhone for service cable/box with built-in overvoltage protection. It is used to power the iPhone 6 / 6P / 6S / 6SP / 7 / 7P / 8 / 8P / X. Also with the emulations of the POWER On / Off key, which is essential when working with repairing the iPhone. The iPower MAX replaces the battery supply system for diagnosing phone failures and repairing it where it may appear. Irreplaceable when rotating and measuring the motherboard when you can not lose power in your phone.
Supported iPhone models:
- iPhone 6P + - iPhone6_4, - iPhone 7
- iPhone 6S_6SP + Clamp
- iPhone 7_4,7 + 7P_5.5
- iPhone 8 / iPhone 8P
- iPhone X / iPhoneXs / iPhoneXSMax
Wire connection colour:
- VCC: red
- DP: green
- GND: black
- DM: white
- At the same time boot 6 iPhones
- One button board and function, prevent power cable connected to lead to burn machine
- Dual-link design to save the motherboard firmly do not fall off
- A key boot feature, instead of the traditional boot with tweezers
- The latest iPhone boot control power cable
- Replace the old iPhone boot method ( tweezers)
- Convenient for flipping and measuring motherboard without loss of electricity and won't fall off

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