QianLi 007 Edge Glue Remover

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2: Solve the problem many see the CPU is a headache of the teacher, did not dare to hurt, afraid of bad, with our this artifact, are said to the CPU, SO EASY!

3: why not to drop paint, not a bit? The trick in special materials, ultra-thin superelasticity, when the CPU tin melting point, the blade can be directly inserted into the CPU, step by step, the CPU is so relaxed and safe removed. (need to rely on traditional hard the blade to pry, so didn't grasp well, hard to avoid can appear a bit, paint, can't be avoided, also has a high-temperature open problem, blowing long chips may be bad, next to the back of IC may be about to blow off the risk of critical tin)

4: the artifact is particularly great Samsung double CPU for apple decomposition, points the cover is in good condition, not broken edge glue, also won't get the lid points and the bad.

5: one more thing, its advantages not only in the CPU, other chips such as hard disks, wifi, baseband, etc. As long as the chip peripheral no intensive capacitance resistance can use our Excalibur.Absolutely not a bit.

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