Laser Separator Machine with Built-in computer MT-BY4


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The LCD laser machine was designed for LCD glass and phone back glass quick separating especially, it is a big step for LCD repair industry, it means that LCD repair business is moving to the high technology area. With a laser machine, we shorted phone screen or back glass separating from several hours to 8 mins with 100% successful rate! What more is that more and more phone will have back glass because of wireless charging.

Laser software has been updated to Apple 12 series can be directly updated in the software.

Name LCD laser separating machine
Position way Automaticly
Height Adjust way Manualy
Laer type Fiber
Laer power 20W
Device Power AC220V 800W; Optional AC110V/ AC220V
Working environment -10 -65__
WaveLength_ 1.06_m
Shooting deep 0.015-0.5mm
Max shooting size 175*175mm
Size of Marking line 0.05-0.01mm
Fitting manner Screen glass/back glass separating
Productivity 5mins per piece
Accuracy _0.001mm
Repeat Marking accuracy _0.001mm
Shooting speed _10000mm/s
Net weight 21.2kg
Gross weight 32kg
Equipment power 800W
Equipment size 300*538*588.5mm
Package size 680*680*360mm

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