Each country has different rules concerning tariffs and taxes. Often, there may not be a charge, but there is also the chance that upon arrival the customer will be charged tariffs/taxes; in which case the customer is responsible for the extra charges.
Paid by Recieve
Fixabout is responsible for arranging the shipment of your order. However, it’s your responsibility to pay any tariffs and taxes charged by customs in your country and prepare the required clearance documents.
What’s more, customs offices in some countries or regions require the importer of record to provide a particular form of identification before releasing a shipment. You may also be required to provide an identification number such as a Unique Identification Number, CPF, or Tax ID.
To ensure the courier(e.g. DHL, UPS) can deliver your goods in the shortest possible time after entering your country or customs union, the courier may pay the customs authority on your behalf for any duties and taxes that are due on the goods. Once the duties and taxes are fully repaid to the courier, the goods will be delivered to you.