Strict Quality Control Process of Fixabout

LCD Screen Inspection & Testing

① Cosmetic Inspection

  • No damaged or painted surface of the glass lens.
  • No debonding or damaged or screw hole blocked on the front bezel.
  • No flex cable is broken or damaged.
  • No missing parts like screw or adhesive.
  • Check whether backlight adhesion works normally.
  • Check hydrophobic effect with water, alcohol, and N-hexane.


② Function Test

  • Check dead pixels, lines, etc.
  • Test touch function by pulling up and down, switching page, moving icons.
  • Test 3D Touch function and sensitivity.
  • Check whether the pure color screens normal or not.
  • Check whether the screen turns black under the polarizer.
  • Other parts test like the earpiece, loudspeaker, vibrator, charging port, battery, etc..


③ Structure Test

  • Measure thickness, width, and length.
  • Check whether the LCD metal plate well matched or screw hole well aligned.
  • Check screen fitness after installation.
  • Check whether function normal or not after installation.
  • Check whether light leaked or backlight conflicted with the LCD Touch ID function test.