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What is the Grade System of our Pre-owned iPhone?

 As New: This is a pristine As New device that looks like it came from the showroom floor, ships in a generic plain box. As close to brand new as possible but very rarely there may be a very minor mark or a scratch that is not visible from a normal viewing distance.

Excellent: In excellent condition, you need to look pretty close to see any signs of wear that may exist. There may be minor marks or scratches on the housing or screen.

Good: In good overall condition...this represents amazing value. This is device may have some obvious signs of wear on the housing or LCD

Fair: Bargain-priced, best value for money. You will not find a cheaper device with a warranty. This device will have minor dents and scratches on the housing. The LCD may have scratches or scuffs. The phone still functions perfectly.

Our Package:

(*There is NO Lightning to USB Cable and Power Adapter by default, please purchase separately on Fixabout if necessary)

Why Buy from Us?

We have a complete hardware and software testing process:

Hardware Test
Power and Battery: 100%
Display: Check
Front Camera Check
Back Camera Check
External Buttons and Connectors Check
Home/Touch ID sensor Check
Volume up/down Check
Ring/Silent Check
Built-in stereo speaker Check
Built-in microphone Check
Side button Check
Lightning connector Check
Built-in microphone Check
Built-in stereo speaker Check


Functional Test
Face ID/Touch ID  is functional Video Playback  is functional
Sensors is functional Video Recording  is functional
Mobile and Wireless are functional SIM Card is functional
Vibration is functional Previous internet accounts removed
Audio Playback  is functional


Warranty Policy

Service Considerations
Return & Exchange Period 30 days of shipment arrival
Warranty We offer free One Year Warranty
Special Considerations Items that are not sold by Fixabout can not be returned or covered by warranty.
Items need to be returned in their original condition. Items that are damaged, unsanitary, dented, or scratched may be denied a return.
Items that are damaged crashed, distorted, disassembled, soaking water may not be covered by warranty. However, we can provide paid repair services.
Please return items with all accessories and packaging. If you do not, we may either deny the return or allow a return with a non-refundable deduction on your refund for what is missing.
If you received a discount or free item by purchasing multiple items together, you will lose that benefit if you do not return all items purchased.
Please remember to remove your Apple ID, personal data, and other information from the products you are returning.