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  • 20+ Years of industry experience 
  • 6000 Capacity (m²)
  • 4000+ Average daily production
  • 3000+ Long-term cooperative client
  • 50+ Product-related certifications

Automated production factory

Yifeng company’s factory has been established for more than 20 years. Specializes in the production of precision screwdriver tools, tool accessories, and other products.
And Yifeng company’s factory began to put into automatic production in the second half of 2018. Significantly increased production speed and shortened production time of finished products. Ensure products are produced more efficiently and with higher quality.

Own brand

Yifeng company's main brand is JACKLY, JAKEMY. The products are popular throughout Asia, Europe, Africa, and South America. They are famous for their perfect quality and reasonable price. Yifeng company will focus on researching and developing a new product, keeping high quality as our major mission. Yifeng company will be greatly appreciated if you share some opinions with us.

Support OEM/ODM service

Yifeng company will provide you with a one-stop solution customized service.
Yifeng company can find a solution for any kind of request from the customers and discuss the feasibility and rationality.
Yifeng company’s sales consultant accepted the request for the drafting of the 3D operation.
All the details must be confirmed accurately before production.

*Yifeng company focus on OEM/ODN processing and let you easily to have your brand product.
*Yifeng company can provide you OEM/ODM services according to your demand.
*High quality / High standard / Strict testing.
*Automation / Integration of detection and research.
*Yifeng company strives to provide customers with high-quality products and the best services.

We have a development & design department

Yifeng company has a development & design department. Which support OEM/ODM service and customer-specific services. To catch up with the times and people’s needs, we will keep releasing new products independently developed every quarter.

We have a product certificate

We have many independent development product patents, a professional lawyer consultant team, and a global brand operation team. Fundamentally protect the rights and interests between products and customers.