Why Fixabout?

Best price: We source parts from factories to marketplaces where the price is always latest and competitive.

Quality control: The highest standards of the industry are applied to all the functionality, quality and compatibility testing by our specialised QC teams.

Hassle-free returns: We understand that the return of products could cause a headache. So we have streamlined the warranty process, and customers would never worry about the warranty.

Professional service: We started up in Australia and we understand our customers.


What does Fixabout do now?

We offer our customers with solutions of repair and refurbishing supply. Our mission is to encourage people to repair their mobile devices instead of throwing them away. And we believe that the expansion of the repair business will create more jobs and protect the environment.


Background of Fixabout

Our team started in Australia in 2010, and we have been providing repair parts for hundreds of repair business. We established the team in China to provide our customers with the most affordable and variable products.


Why are we doing this?

Making good products is great, and making products available worldwide is even better. Since the repair requires parts as well as extensive knowledge and support, Fixabout is the best solution to serve customers and to provide the products directly from the best factories in China.