Samsung Galaxy Note Fan Edition

Samsung decided to renovate Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and re-sale it,and named it Samsung Galaxy Note 7R at the first. Maybe the company fear that it will remind customer of the "explosion" of Samsung Note 7 ,and the company finally change the name as Samsung Galaxy Note Fan Edition. Let's see what different this time around is. 

Samsung Galaxy Note FE (Fan Edition) is now on sale in South Korea as the refurbished Galaxy Note 7, Note FE's capacity was decreased to 3200 mAh, while the original is 3500 mAh, Samsung claims that the issues of battery fire has been completely solved. It costs KRW 699,000 which equals RMB 4,147 and 40,000 units will only available in South Korea in the initial batch. In Huaqiang North market, the replacement parts has already been on sale.

For last two weeks, phone parts and used phones were in short supply and prices went up a lot in Huaqiang North market, because President Xi Jiping visit Hong Kong for 20th anniversary, but now the market trends to be stable.

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