The Camera is not Working

The camera is not working can be divided into the front camera not working and the rear camera not working.

First, test the problematic camera to eliminate hardware problems, and then start the motherboard repairing stage

For example, iPhone 7 front camera is not working.

  1. Test the front camera connector J4503, and test the value of each pin to the ground.
  2. The measured pole value of pin 1 to the ground is abnormal, and it is judged that pin 1 is open. Pin 1 is the power supply for the front camera, working voltage is 2.9V
  3. The possible reasons for the open circuit of pin 1 are inductance FL2903 failure, power chip failure, an open circuit between boards, etc.
  4. Check the position of FL2903 from the point map, and check that the inductor FL2903 is off
  5. Remove FL2903, clean up the protective glue at the soldering point, and measure it. If the value of the power terminal to the ground is normal, there is no fault at the power chip
  6. Test FL2903 and find that this inductance is open, then FL2903 is damaged and needs to be replaced
  7. After replacing the new inductor, install, and test, the front camera works normally, and the fault is eliminated.
  8. If the inductance FL2903 is normal, and the test FL2903 welding point power supply terminal pole value is found to be abnormal, the power chip may be faulty. The power chip and circuit components need to be tested to find the fault point and replace it or replace the power chip.­­­

For example, iPhone 7 rear camera and flash are not working.

  1. Test the connection base of the rear camera, test the value of each pin to the ground, and the power-on working voltage
  2. The measured value of each pin to the ground pole is normal, and the working voltage of each pin is normal after the test is turned on.
  3. The main reason why the rear camera does not work is abnormal data transmission, abnormal power supply, and damage to the flash chip
  4. Because the ground electrode value and a working voltage obtained by the test are normal, it can be judged that the flash chip is faulty
  5. After removing the flash chip and cleaning the pads, install and test, the rear camera works normally.
  6. Replace and install a new flash chip
  7. Test after installation, the rear camera and flash can work normally, troubleshooting.

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