Seek Thermal Compact Pro Smartphone Thermal Camera

The Seek CompactPRO thermal camera packs the power of professional-grade thermal cameras into a palm-sized device that connects to your smartphone.

The CompactPRO plugs into your phone’s USB port and uses the screen to output thermal images. It has a full temperature detection range, a long-distance range, and great resolution.

While it’s still not at the level of full size professional thermal cameras, it is a perfect tool for those just getting into their trade or pros who want a lighter and more compact thermal imaging solution they can easily carry around.

It’s also great for hunting and home projects.

Transform your smartphone or tablet into a high-resolution thermal camera with a 320 x 240 thermal sensor for use on the Jobsite, at home, and more.
Highly versatile cameras let you see motherboard problems invisible to the naked eye and find people and animals in complete darkness or low visibility. Detect energy loss, electrical and mechanical failures, water damage and hundreds of more heat-related issues.
The perfect tool for contractors, inspectors, outdoorsman, engineers, and DIY homeowners.




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