New Nokia 3310

New Nokia 3310 only for ¥99 in Huangqiang North Market. 

Huaqiang North Market released the new Nokia 3310 before it officially goes on sale in China. Nokia 3310 now is in the pre-sale on Chinese online shopping platforms, like JD, Tmall and Suning, and will arrive on June 22 for ¥399, while it has already been on sale in the Huaqiang North Market, with a price of ¥99. (HAS BEEN SOLD OUT!)

Waste Electrical and electronic Products Producer Responsibility Plan will be Considered in the First Quarter of This Year

"Waste Electrical and Electronic Product Producer Responsibility Plan"

Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department will publish the legislation that “Four Electrical One Computer” should not enter in Hong Kong by June 19.  “Four Electrical One Computer” refers to televisions, refrigerators, washing machines, air-conditioners and computers, while some called it an electronic waste. The Germany company ALBA Group will monopolize the entire industry, and will be supported by Hong Kong government with ¥1.73 billion. Shenzhen mobile phone and accessories markets will be extremely influenced if Hong Kong government forbid electrical waste crossing. 

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