iPhone X back glass separating laser machine

Laser separating was designed for separate in high efficiency especially, by using laser separating machine, we don' t need to disassemble the whole phone to refurbish the back cover and the front glass and more. It is the newest technology of phone repair industry, with this machine we are not only to be able to save repairing time but also increasing phone repair successful rate a lot!

As longs as wireless charging technology growing up, there will be more and more phone companies use glass to be back cover instead of the metal. Because only glass back covers accessing wireless charging. Hence, Laser separating will the future of phone glass refurbishing.

Q& A

1. Will the machine burn your hand during working?

Yes, it might be. Hand feels heating in focal range over 3 seconds, for safety reason, please do not let your hand touch the laser.2.Will Laser machine catch fire easily?

It burns a dark colour only, there no harms to blank paper. But, please keep dark colour stuff away from the laser working table in case catching fire.

3. Does dose laser machine have Radiation?

No. Laser machine has no Radiation, it is kind of strong light. The laser does not come into contact with a specific object, and there is no radiation. For the human body, the main damage of the laser is the sensory stimulation of the human body, the burning of high energy and the absorption of water by specific wavelengths.

4. How many modes of the phone can we fix with a laser machine?

We could fix it only if we have drawn for it, we will update drawing every day. For more drawing please contact us for it. We are offering for free, you will need to pay shipping cost because drawing must be sent via Memory Stick as it is not able to be copied or sending online.

5. Can I make the drawing by myself?

Yes, you could make drawing according to the phone you want to fix if you have a designer to do that.

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