Motherboard Disconnection and Pad Network Measure--ZXW and Microfish (Blackfish)


The new features of ZXWSOFT 3.22 are as follows:

  1. The layer traces can be queried by illuminating and it can display multiple layers, which is industry-leading.
  2. ZXWSOFT 3.22 has the most complete ‘resistance’ diode voltage drop parameters in the industry, the most comprehensive reference in various ways. It is accompanied by the iPhone XS Max display, other models of the iPhone will be added later. These comprehensive parameters benefit from the one-button PASS
  3. Horizontal (180°) and vertical (90°) rotation functions. IC pins can be teste din dependently, and IC pin-to-pin function is the industry-leading.
  4. The prompting function of the mainboard and the welding pad related connectors. The color of all connected devices can be deepened, and the still or blinking function can be selected in the color configuration. Press F1 to urn the feature on and off.
  5. Adding the function of integrating multiple motherboards into one interface (also retaining the function of a single board with two interfaces.)
  6. The I2C analysis software embedded in the ZXW software needs to be used with hardware (the hardware needs to be purchased separately), and the I2C analysis software can be used during the ZXW service period (the ZXWSOFT main program is required).
  7. Improve the color configuration function. Except that the golden pad can’t be changed, others can be changed, and custom colors are also supported.
  8. 10 languages notes and schematics.
  9. The function of searching for the same type of components, so that you can calmly face the loss of resistance, capacitance, and other components.
  10. Customized lightweight maintenance mode, more concise, more precise, and more suitable for training institutions.
  11. More features are not listed separately. Please wait for the official version of 3.22 to be released and refer to the instructions.

ZXW and Microfish (Blackfish) are two separate software developed by the ZXW team. ZXW is the first-line network point for mobile phone and tablet repairs, and it gives you a board-level graphic of all tracepoints on a logic board.  The software has an updating collection of “schematics” for all the latest mobile phones and tablets on the market. ZXW is free to download, but it requires a subscription and the Internet to work. while Here is what it looks like: 

Microfish (Blackfish) provides a list of all original schematics for the latest tablets and phones, and it is free to use while ZXW subscription is valid.

Purchase Activation Code

The ZXW subscription can be purchased from our online store. Therefore, you do not have to worry about using Chinese payment gateways like Alipay or WeChat. Fixabout is working directly with ZXW to provide repair shops and professionals with:

  • ZXW Dealer price
  • Life-time support from Fixabout and ZXWTeam
  • Updating guides of “How to read and understand phone schematics.”


  1. Download ZXWSoft:

  • Please download the latest version (Windows Only) from Google Dive link above.
  • Unzip the file and make sure the antivirus software does not remove any files.


  1. Register Account:
a. Run “ZXWSoft3.22.exe” as Administrator.
b. Click “Create new account” if you don’t have an existing account.
c. Follow the steps on the website to register an account.
  1. Login your account and apply the Activation Code on “Authorization Code Renewal”.


  1. Restart ZXW, and it is ready to use. Contact us if you have any problems.

After purchasing, please contact our sales to get the activation code.



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