How to Fix Audio Codec Chip Problem

The problem of the Audio chip is common in iPhone 7/7P.

Most of the problems caused by the following phenomena:

  1. No sound when recording videos from the camera;
  2. No sound from the microphone when you calling;
  3. The voice record App cannot record, and the record button grayed out or will say “no audio devices found”.

Cause Analysis:

The audio chip of the iPhone 7/7Plus is located next to the SIM card slot, which makes the chip solder joints near the card slot not stable enough, which can easily cause the chip solder joints to fall off, or the wires connected to the solder joints are broken.

How to fix it?

  1. Disassembly the logic board from the frame;
  2. Heat and remove the audio IC;
  3. Clean and check all the welding spots and connect trace;
  4. Jump wire soldering is needed if the welding spot is missing;
  5. Apply UV glue on the jump wire.

      6. If the welding spots’ position is normal, it may be due to virtual soldering, just re-fill, and solder.

      7. Clean the residual tin of the chip and use the tin planting steel mesh to fill the solder paste.

     8. Resolder the audio chip

Repair skills

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